99% of Americans do not make $400,00.00 per year. We must stop letting the super wealthy 1% continue to skirt their responsibility by not paying taxes. Corporate media would have you believe that the people who do not pay taxes are poor hard-working immigrants, while all the time robbing you and your kids blind. We must demand that tax loopholes are closed and that giant corporations pay income taxes like me and you. I will be a vote for tax reform legislation that makes wealthy corporations pay their fair share while cutting taxes for the middle-class and small business. I commit to be accountable to District 5. I commit to assure that the taxpayer’s funds distributed by the federal government will be used to build up both the lives of hard-working taxpayers and the infrastructure that we use daily in this state. We must build a better place for the people we live with, work with, play with, serve with and worship with so that we all come out as winners.

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