There are 120 guns for every 100 people in the United State of America! Ask yourself, does this make any sense? Even if part of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution does say, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”, no other country on earth has that kind of gun to man ratio. The closest country to us is war torn Yemen in the Middle East, with a 30 gun to 1 man ratio. And in Germany, it’s a 7 gun to 1 man ratio.

To survive our insatiable love of guns here in America, we need effective common sense gun safety laws and violence prevention programs to stop the death caused by the misuse of guns. States can set up some basic systems to regulate how private individuals can own and use firearms and ammunition to prevent them from misusing firearms to abuse people’s rights to life, to physical integrity, security of person, and to health. And we need military grade weapons to remain in the military an off the streets. I will be a vote for common sense gun safety laws to move our country in a safer, non-violent, and real pro-life direction.

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