For a healthier, wealthier and wiser South Carolina

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“My vision is…

to see the people of South Carolina live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives.  As the 5th District’s Congressional Representative, my mission will be to work on and vote for legislation that benefits my constituents.  

I believe South Carolinians and all taxpaying citizens have a right to good healthcare, to living wages, to debt free public education, to vote and be counted, to clean energy, to childcare tax credit, to universal pre-k, to family paid leave, to social security expansion, to Medicare protection, to sensible gun safety laws, to affordable housing, to real criminal justice, to fair tax laws and to equal economic opportunity for all. 

I commit to work hard every day for the people in SC’s 5th District and to always vote in the best interests of the people who I will serve.”

 Evangeline Hundley

Evangeline Hundley

The Issues

Women's Rights

Every woman and girl must have autonomous sexual and reproductive rights and be able to make decisions about their own body.

Economic Justice

Every working American in the country, in my state and in District 5, should be making living wages that rise with the cost of living.

Healthcare for All

Healthcare is a human right. No one in America should be forced to choose between healthcare and paying bills.


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