We spend way too much time taking about border security and not enough time doing what’s needed the most: immediate and comprehensive immigration reform that will provide a fair pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented but live here, work here, learn here, and pay taxes here. With my construction industry background, I’ve felt and seen first-hand, how hard it is to find good, reliable, and highly skilled labor like that of immigrants. Let’s face it, 90% of the homes built in this country in the 21st century was built by immigrant labor. And most of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day are also provided to us by hard, back breaking immigrant labor. So, when I see the shortages in labor due to the difficulty in travel here and then turn around and see elected officials grandstanding at the border while blocking real progress, it makes me determined to work for a solution. I will be a vote for the working and student undocumented individuals and their immediate families to be full members as American citizens of the country that they call home.

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