My name is Evangeline Hundley, and I am running as a Democrat…

to serve as SC’s 5th District Congressional Representative in the US House of Representatives. I was born and raised in Newberry, South Carolina and I am the youngest of 5 siblings. My parents (deceased) are Anderson and Katie Shells. I graduated from Newberry High School, where I enjoyed several class leadership positions and in 1986 was accepted as a student in the SC Governor’s School of the Arts.

I attended Winthrop college 1988-1992 majoring in Political Science and then went on to work in and around the York and Charlotte, NC area for several years. From 1995-1997, I lived in Baltimore, MD. I returned to Newberry in 1997 where I raised my son Antonio as a single Mom. Between 1998-2000, I worked as a political public relations independent contractor. I been able to work with HUD, Columbia City Leaders, Housing Authority Leaders, Social Justice Leaders, Community Leaders and Media in Columbia, SC toward a common goal, to get HOPE VI funding for Saxon Homes.

While still living in Newberry, in 2005 I became a licensed SC Residential Builder. I started a construction company to develop a 10 Acre tract of land that my dad originally owned into a 23-lot subdivision, now called Boulder Creek. I also built several custom homes on individually owned lots for clients in the city and county of Newberry. During that time, I served as a member and then as Chair of the City of Newberry Planning and Zoning Commission, as a board member on the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce and as a Cub Scout Den Mom.

Then, during the 2008 recession, I got HUD Certified as a Housing Counselor and worked with Community Assistance Provider in Columbia, SC to help implement the Neighborhood Stabilization Act from the Obama administration. While working with that program, I was able to help countless homeowners save their homes. In 2012 I got married to my wonderful husband Ronald Hundley. We have three grown children, Ezekiel, Danielle, and Antonio as well as three grandchildren Destinee, Bryson, and Kyha. In 2015, I added a real estate sales license to my repertoire of real estate credentials.

Throughout my teenage and adult life, I’ve organized voter registration, volunteered, canvassed, phone banked and served in various leadership roles in local city and county government in Newberry, SC and Rock Hill, SC because I believe that good leaders in government can help make people’s lives better.

My desire to get directly involved with voter registration and voter education started with my parent’s political engagement and activism. My parents were both born in 1934 and while married they participated in civil rights justice marches and in acts of peaceful disobedience. My Mom graduated top of her class from an HBCU, Morris College in Sumter, SC around 1956. She taught high school students in public school during both segregation and integration in Newberry, SC. My Dad owned the first Black Barbershop located in the City of Newberry. It rubbed off on me, and ever since, I’ve always just wanted to get things done for the greater good of the people, all people.

I decided to run for US Congress because we are at risk of losing our democracy as we know it if we do not change the game here and now. The attack on the seat of democracy itself on January 6th, 2021, was bad enough, but when Ralph Norman decided not to do his patriotic duty by voting “NO” to certifying a legitimate election, it was clear that something drastic would have to change in the next election, which is 2022. Ralph Norman must go. Ralph Norman has voted “NO” and against everything that could help his constituents or even his own voters to do and live better, but he gladly accepts government subsidies for his projects. He cannot feel the pain of inflation, the pain at the pump or any pain monetarily because he can’t. He just cannot relate.

I’m running for US Congress because we need real, lasting change in SC’s District 5 and in my state. My vision is to see the people of South Carolina be healthier, wealthier, and wiser! I’m running to serve the people, not corporations. I’m running to get important things done for the people of this district. I’m running to vote for policies that will benefit us all, especially working families, the underserved and forgotten. I’m running to bring diversity of culture and gender to SC’s US Congressional Representative body. We deserve much better leadership in SC District 5 and across this state. I am willing, ready, and able to be that leadership and go to work for my constituents.

Can we count on you?

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