Every working American in the country, in my state and in District 5, should be making living wages that rise with the cost of living. Although some may have seen their paychecks increase slightly, there are many more who have not seen the kind of wage increase that keeps up with the cost of living. The cost of living continues to rise while wages remain stagnant. Why? Because of today’s Republican leadership. They always vote no to raising the minimum wage. Don’t you think you deserve better? I do and I will be a vote for empowering workers by raising the minimum wage to at least $17 per/hr, creating new, American jobs. I will also be a vote to Permanently Extend the Child Care Tax Credit (aka – monthly stimulus checks) and to have Paid Family and Medical Leave like every other industrialized country.

Right to Work States like ours, are especially in need of a federal minimum wage law to be enacted. It’s time for the hardest working people here in this state, the working poor, to get some economic justice and have a little more than it takes to make the end meets. Over the last 50 years, 90% of Americans saw their wages increase by a measly 28% while we saw 1% of Americans increase their wages by 119%. In 2020, annual wages for the top 1% reached $823,763 while income at the bottom 90% averaged $39,858 (https://www.epi.org/data/) Wow! This wage gap between the average worker (i.e., me and you) versus the CEOs of the companies you work for and buy from, the stations you watch on TV, and the people you listen to on social media is outright ridiculous. And it’s by design.

The reason 90% of American incomes haven’t increased much at all is that instead of the 1% putting the money back into building up the people who make this country great, they spend billions to make you think that you do not deserve to make a living wage. They spend their money to sew division and hate against one another, fellow citizens, where neither one is better off than the other, while they laugh all the way to the bank. And in today’s Congress, the 1% has paid off the representatives and senators who always vote against your economic interests like living wages that rise with the cost of living and like the ACA, aka Obamacare or better yet healthcare that we deserve for all. Unfortunately, Republicans who serve in today’s Congress have unanimously voted against you to keep you poor, ignorant, and sick!

Good government is supposed to do things to make our lives better, not worse. Hate won’t pay the bills, feed us, clothe us, or provide us shelter. It’s high time to get rid of bad leadership on all levels. It’s time to tune out the noise, the noise that keeps us divided, confused, misinformed and under their control. It’s time to vote out bad leadership once and for all.

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